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Unstick Your Blog Writing

Unstick Your Blog Writing Workshop

Forget about the old tricks: clickbait titles and recycled ‘how-to’ guides just don’t cut it anymore. Today’s blog readers are after the real deal—content that's genuine, brimming with expertise, and filled with 'oh, that’s totally me!' moments.

When you’re squaring off against heavyweights like ChatGPT, your blog needs to offer what no AI-bot or copy-and-paste strategy can: original and intentional content tailored to your readers.

But thinking of that original content? That’s was the hard part. Not anymore with this 30-minute video workshop that shares what makes an engaging blog and easy-to-answer questions to help you write one. 

Who Unstick Your Blog Writing Is For

  • The service provider who wants to write blog posts that are a blend of helpful education, fresh perspectives, and subtle selling to connect with their audience and market their services.

Who Unstick Your Blog Writing Is Not For

  • The service provider who has 0 blog topic ideas (but don't worry, 58 Blog Prompts For Selling can help with this!). 

What's Unstick Your Blog Writing

  • A 30-minute, video-recorded workshop giving you the exact questions I use to write blogs for my own business and my clients. 

What Unstick Your Blog Writing Does

  • Helps you come up with content to include in your posts so you can write credible, relatable, original, and helpful blogs your audience actually wants to read. 

Blogs Aren't Dead... But Wondering What To Say Is