Weaving Your Voice With SEO Techniques For...

Website Copy That Makes You Wonder, ‘Are You Sure I Didn't Write That?’

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You Started Your Business Because You Crave Freedom

But right now, is your website copy helping you seize that freedom?

Or are you shackled to your desk answering the same questions from meh clients while trying to sound ‘professional’ as you rewrite your website for the 8,3457th time?

What you need are words that work for you so you can do the work you love. 

What you need is 'sounds like you' SEO website copy. 

Freedom to express your creativity, personality, and out-of-this-world skills to help others. 

Freedom to take a trip around the world because you outsourced your soul-crushing tasks. 

Freedom to not share a dorm room with 9 digital nomads on that trip because paid invoices are rolling in. 

Freedom to make unforgettable memories and enjoy unbelievable experiences. 

Freedom to show up as your goofy, empathetic, creative, genuine self and know you’re connecting with people who value your work. 

Freedom to do what you love every single day. 

SEO Website Copywriting Services

Sound like you and get in front of your dream-come-true clients with eye-catchingly-good website copy.

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Ways to Work Together On SEO Website Copy

A high-touch copywriting process that fuses SEO strategies with personality-driven storytelling to turn your big visions into memorable messaging.

Skyhigh confidence because you know your website copy reflects your values, your experience, and your personality in a way that just clicks.

Complete ease when it comes to landing clients and booking out your services because your copy makes it clear why you’re the go-to badass in your industry.




What You Get With SEO Website Copywriting

Sales Page Website Copy Package

3 Page Website Copy Package

5 Page Website Copy Package

Perfect For: Innovative creatives unveiling a brand new course, service, or program.

Perfect For: Business owners longing
for genuine connections with
one-in-a-million clients. 

Perfect For: Established entrepreneurs craving full-blown website copy
for every piece of their biz. 

Investment: $1500 CAD +GST

Investment: $2850 CAD +GST

Investment: $4500 CAD +GST

Mini-Brand Messaging Guide

Mini-Brand Messaging Guide

Customizable Add-Ons

4 SEO Blog Post Package - $1,200 CAD + GST
Email Sales Sequence  - $1,000 CAD + GST
Additional Website Pages - Custom Pricing

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All SEO Website Copywriting Packages Include…

Complimentary Discovery Call - We’ll chat about your business, website copy goals, and values to see if we're a perfect pair. 

90-Minute Strategy Call - Pour a drink and get ready to dig into your purpose, services, client experience, and big biz goals.

SEO Research + Formatting - Keyword research, competitor analysis, title tags, and meta description for every page of your website so Google and new clients love you.

‘Sounds Like You’ SEO Website Copy - Optimized website copy delivered in a colour-coded document with a personalized Loom video.

Two Rounds of Revision + Live Editing Session - Walk away feeling completely seen, heard, and confident with your new website copy after our revision sessions. 

Explore The SEO Website Copywriting Experience

Casual chats

Smooth Systems

Constant Collaboration

You came to me for a reason: to not write more. So, let’s ditch the long questionnaires and chat about your copy goals over a coffee, beer, or milkshake. 

Contracts, invoices, homework, deadlines…it’s easy-peasy with my simple and flexible system so you can adventure while I write. 

We’ll stay in touch throughout the entire project to ensure you’re truly reflected in your copy (and I get to talk to a real person every once in a while).

Revel In The SEO Website Copywriting Ripple Effect




Strategic website copy rooted in SEO practices, goal planning, and in-depth research to help your business thrive. 

Identify your own voice and become instantly recognizable to your perfect-fit clients/new fan club.  

Enjoy more time, ease, and freedom in your life after checking ‘write website copy’ off your to-do list.

next happy client

– Jerome, Inbound Movement

"We struggled to communicate our vision, mission statement, and the multiple services we offer. Isobel took all that messy information we had in our heads and created an elegant structure for us to communicate our message. 

The final deliverable was beyond what we imagined, the guided video coming along with the documents add a lot of value and made it all idiot-proof for us."

"The final deliverable was beyond what we imagined."

Don’t Just Take It From Me

next happy client

"Going into our project, I had a vision of how I wanted things to be and sound like, but Isobel surpassed all my expectations.

The part that surprised me the most was my About Me page. It spoke so true to who I am while adding an outside perspective that highlighted things I felt but didn't know how to explain! "

– Tegan, Kind Nature Creative Studio

"I'm feeling so excited for my business and to put myself out there with a fully realized brand!"

Don’t Just Take It From Me

Why Does Website Copywriting Even Matter?

Because we’re all exhausted with trying to sell on Instagram or relying on booking friends of friends of friends.

Because you’d prefer Google do the work of finding perfect-fit clients for you rather than doing it yourself.

Because your clients (aka new friends) should know your biz, how you help them, and your go-to karaoke song.

Because you want to collaborate with clients who truly get you and are willing to wait weeks or months to work with you.

Because you want to raise your prices, bring in your kind of people, book out your services, and confidently share your website.

Because marketing is a whole lot easier when you know exactly what to say and how to say it. 

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Spilling The Beans on SEO Website Copywriting Services

Yes, I do!

My standard payment plan for large projects (Brand Messaging Guide, 3-page websites, 5-page websites), is 50% upfront and 50% on project completion. 

However, I’m happy to create a custom payment plan for you if needed. Just let me know on our Discovery Call and we can create a schedule that works for you.

Do you offer payment plans?

I get it, writing about yourself is the W-O-R-S-T.

But I believe that each page of your website is a piece of a puzzle, and if some of those puzzle pieces are from a completely different box…well, your website isn’t going to flow or work together.

What does that mean? 

Unfortunately, I don’t write one-off pages for your website. I can though, offer in-depth feedback through my Copywriting Strategy Call so you can make updates you need with clear direction. 

Will you just write my about page?

Easy, I’m a mind reader. 

While that would make my job a lot easier, the truth is I get to know you the way we get to know our closest friends. We chat, we share stories, and we open up to each other in our two-hour strategy call. 

On top of that, we’ll stay in touch via Voxer so I can get to know all the ins and outs of your voice and your business. 

How do you get to know my voice well enough to write in it?

Share Your Quirks Without Sacrificing Your Sales - Or Sleep

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