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4 Core Blog Templates

4 Core Blog Templates

Picture this: your blog posts flowing effortlessly from one section to the next, keeping your readers hooked from your punchy opener to your irresistible call to action. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong.

Enter the 4 Core Blog Templates - your go-to for structuring and writing compelling blog posts. Whether you’re aiming to inform, persuade, or inspire, they’ve got you covered.

With step-by-step instructions to guide your writing, customizable sample copy, and intuitive layout suggestions, these templates make it easy to write content that clicks and converts.

Take A Peek

Who 4 Core Blog Templates Is For

  • The service provider who wants to write blog posts but needs help structuring their thoughts in a reader-friendly way.

Who 4 Core Blog Templates Is Not For

  • The service provider who *hates* writing (it’s easier but you still have to write), wants to learn SEO (there are no SEO instructions but good content naturally supports SEO), or uses their blog as a personal diary (these prompts are more about teaching and selling with intention). 

What's Inside 4 Core Blog Templates

  • Four colour-coded Google Doc templates brimming with helpful instructions, heading suggestions, fill-in-the-blank metadata, and customizable sample copy to streamline your writing process. The four core blog topics (taken straight from 58 Blog Prompts For Selling) are: Signs It’s Time To Work Together, Achieving A Client Goal Without An Undesired Experience, A Behind The Scenes Look At My Business, and How I Helped A Client.

What 4 Core Blog Templates Does

  • Gives you a starting point for your blogs and cuts down on the time spent structuring posts while offering your readers an enjoyable experience.

Hook Your Readers With Blogs That Flow

Using 4 Core Blog Templates